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Are you a parent of a middle or high school child who is struggling with pre-algebra through algebra related concepts and/or word problems?
Are you and/or your child frustrated with and tired of these
daily struggles?
Are you ready to see your child succeed and WIN in pre-algebra and beyond while becoming a confident and independent learner?
Say Goodbye to Pre-Algebra and Algebra Struggles!
If any of this resonates with your child, know your and your child's struggles and stress can end NOW!
This struggle is NOT your child's fault.
Your child can learn what he or she does not understand YET if taught the way he/she learns best and in a fun and engaging learning environment with all concepts broken down into manageable pieces!
SAY HELLO to Pre-Algebra and Beyond Success and Confidence!"

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Our Mission is to end your child's pre-algebra & algebra struggles by filling in missing gaps which will empower your child to succeed & thrive in pre-algebra & beyond in a fun & engaging learning environment while learning & practicing proven study strategies.
It is NOT that your middle or high school child does not understand pre-algebra essential skills, it's that your child does not understand these skills...YET!

The Algebra Success Academy Expressions & Equations Course Outcomes ensures your child will...

math-academy-courses-algebra expressions-and-equation-learning-academy
receive Step-by step instructions with reasoning and why formulas work

This ensures that your child understands the WHY to ensure learning and mastery  of all the essential skills necessary to succeed and thrive in pre-algebra and beyond! Knowing the WHY  empowers your child to fully understand pre-algebra and beyond!


The guided notes notebook, instructional videos, and pencil bag with all supplies are for your child to use as excellent reference/resources tools to use in his or her current and future math classes!  Your child will have a 24/7 tutor at no additional investment!

Unlike Khan Academy or other free video teaching platforms, your child will have are-recorded instructional videos organized in order by lessons to use during the academy and anytime after the academy!

develop Proven study habits and a growth mindset

We teach and empower your child with PROVEN study, test taking, time management, organization, and effective note-taking  strategies that that can be used in all academics and life in general.  Algebra is more than just learning Algebra skills. It also involves study strategies, etc. that promote stress-free learning!

math-academy-courses-algebra expressions-and-equation-learning-academy
Build confidence

We help your child build his or her confidence and personal belief in his or herself so that he or she CAN learn and master any level of Math! Anyone can do math if taught the way he/she learns best!

Your child will develop and maintain a growth mindset to empower learning and confidence!

math-academy-courses-algebra expressions-and-equation-learning-academy
AN receive Effective fun and engaging Online learning experience

Your child will learn and master all Algebra Expressions and Equations Skills in an online learning environment that is NOT like distance or virtual learning that your child experienced during the COVID-19 Pandemic School Shutdowns.

math-academy-courses-algebra expressions-and-equation-learning-academy

Your child will be empowered to reach his or her unique pre-algebra and beyond potential.

Your child will reach and exceed his/her learning goals while developing a love for learning!

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