Is your child struggling with algebra related concepts and /or word problems? Are you OR your child frustrated with and tired of this daily struggle? Are you and your child ready to see your child succeed and WIN in pre-algebra and beyond while your child becomes and confident and independent learner?

Are you AND/OR your child wanting your child to be ahead at the start of the school WITHOUT worrying about possibly needing a math tutor during the school year? 
Are you AND/OR your child ready to conquer math during the upcoming school year and beyond?
 IF  any of this is true, know your and your child’s struggles and stress can end NOW! This struggle is NOT your child’s fault.

With the help of Algebra Success Coach Teresa, your child WILL learn and master ALL essential skills necessary to succeed and thrive in Pre-Algebra and beyond while gaining and maintaining confidence in a FUN and ENGAGING learning environment!

Your child will also learn effective study habits, test-taking strategies, problem solving skills as well as, how to develop and maintain a growth mindset that can be used in all academic subjects and in real-world situations!

Algebra Success Coach Teresa will give your child the tools necessary to do all algebra they don’t know how to do…YET! In addition, your child will become a confident and independent learner while developing a passion for algebra and learning!

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