About Our Coach

Algebra Success Coach Teresa: "From Pre-Algebra and Algebra Struggles to Empowering Students' Pre-Algebra and Algebra Success!"

Teresa Agostinelli

Algebra Success Coach : Founder

Throughout her personal middle and high school years, Algebra Success Coach Teresa was ALWAYS frustrated with algebra and thought that she was just NOT an algebra person and was incapable of learning algebra.

 After college, Coach Teresa realized there must be a way or ways to help struggling algebra students excel in algebra and gain algebra confidence! Therefore, she decided to study to become a math teacher.

 Algebra Success Coach Teresa Agostinelli taught middle and high school mathematics for a few years. She then left the classroom and served as a personal math coach helping individual students fill in missing gaps while helping them learn and master their current grade-level math standards. During that time, She learned most students’ struggles were with Simplifying/Evaluating Algebra Expressions and Solving /Checking solutions to Equations.

 All the students she coached in learning Algebra Expressions and Equations thrived in their current math courses using her course materials in The Algebra Success Academy she uses to teach all concepts and applications.

 Algebra Success Coach Teresa Agostinelli currently use the lessons’ guided notes in this course as a College Algebra Professor with her college students.  All students, regardless of age, and prior algebra learning experiences will  thrive when algebra is taught in a fun, engaging learning environment with all lesson material broken down (chunked) into small manageable pieces that meet the needs of all learners and their unique learning styles.

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