FREE - Trial Lesson!

Our FREE -Trial lesson allows your child to experience what all lessons are like in The Algebra Success Academy’s  Expressions and Equations Academy and what it is like to work with Coach Teresa!

The Free Trial includes Module 1 – Lesson 1 Guided Notes, Instructional Video, and all the Bonus Strategies.

Your free lesson can be done in a small online group session with UP to other students OR independently.

**Please download and print pages 1-3 so your child has these pages to do during the FREE-TRIAL Lesson.  If you do NOT have access to a printer, please let me know and I will mail copies of the pages for Module 1 Lesson 1 to your shipping address.

Once you invest in one of our camp learning models, I will mail the spiral bound academy guided notes notebook and all supplies including a glue stick to glue in your printed pages over the book pages 1-3.

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