What freebies/bonuses/course trials do you offer?

– We offer a FREE – Trial Lesson that give your child access to Module 1, Lesson 1 of our Algebra Expressions and Equations Course. The Guided Notes and Pre-recorded instructional video for Module 1 Lesson 1 are available for your child to download, print, and work through at NO COST to in order for your child to experience learning using Coach Teresa’s learning strategies!

Alternatively, if you are seeking math help with General Math-Geometry, please book your child’s 1 to 1 FREE-TRIAL lesson with Coach Teresa!

If you do not have access to a printer to print Module 1 Lesson 1 Pages 1-3, email us at [email protected] and Coach Teresa will mail you a physical copy of these pages. 

*Please email Coach Teresa ASAP so she can mail you the pages. You can then book your child’s spot for the small group free trial lesson after receiving the pages in the mail!

*BETTER YET, The FREE-TRIAL Lesson can be done with Coach Teresa and UP to 4 other students in an ONLINE LIVE SMALL GROUP Setting to experience the academy firsthand with Coach Teresa! Alternatively, may also book your child’s FREE-TRIAL Lesson in a 1 to 1 online setting with Coach Teresa!

– Once you invest in the Hybrid Small Group, OR OUR 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions, OR the Self-Paced Learning Model, We will mail your child a complimentary physical copy of The Algebra Success Academy Expressions and Equations Course Guided Notes Notebook and essential tools to your home address OR P.O. BOX!

– Bonus Pages I-V are located behind the front cover of the BONUS/FREE physical copy of Algebra Expressions and Equations Course Guided Notes Spiral Bound Notebook! These pages include a table of contents, course welcome letter, growth mindset quotes, study, test-taking and application (word-problem) solving strategies!

In addition, we offer TWO additional bonus lessons within our Algebra Expressions and Equations Academy that will provide your child with additional algebra expressions and equations understanding and mastery!

What grade level(s) is The Algebra Success Academy Expressions And Equations Course designed to help?

 –  This course is best for students in grades 6 and beyond (yes, even college students!)

What type of course investment options do you offer?

– After your child finishes the FREE/Trial Module 1 Lesson 1, you can choose from three different learning models which to invest in for your child’s learning. Please refer to the Courses section to determine which offering and method of learning is best for you and your child’s needs at this time!

– In addition, you can choose either the One-Time Investment Option OR the Two Installment Investment Option when investing in the Self-Paced Learning Model. The 1 TO 1 Coaching Sessions offers an investment installment plan that allows you to pay your investment over time! 


How does this course differ from how my student is learning in school?

– As a former middle and high-school math teacher, I know the current school teaching models do NOT provide instruction in various ways to meet the needs of all students, As I mentioned earlier, this course provides lessons taught in small, manageable pieces with the course material designed to meet the learning styles of all students!  No two students learn in the same manner! 

– Additionally, the school system’s model focuses on teachers using pacing guides where teachers MUST move on to the next lesson(s) even if all students are not ready to move on. This creates gaps in student learning since math is an academic subject where future learning relies on mastery of previously mastered vocabulary, concepts and application. A solid foundation is necessary to be able to do higher level mathematics OR students will fail at higher level learning due to gaps in earlier mathematical standards.

How is The Algebra Success Academy different from the free Khan Academy videos my student can watch?

– Your child will be personally taught by Algebra Success Coach Teresa who has experience in the classroom from grade school to college. She has the skills to keep your child engaged and feeling confident in their abilities. You also have the option for more intensive coaching in the small group options that aren’t available anywhere else. Moreover, your child is provided a spiral bound copy of the academy guided notes notebook to use as a reference tool throughout all math learning years and lifetime access to all of Algebra Success Coach Teresa’s pre-recorded instructional videos for all lessons taught in The Algebra Success Academy.

Do you offer a refund policy?

– No. We offer a free -trial lesson for your child to work through as a sample of the entire course and learning experience your child will encounter in the course option in which you choose to invest.
All course materials are available for use and reference throughout all your child’s math learning years!

Do you offer an upgrade from the Self-Paced Learning Model to the
1 to 1 Live Learning Model?

– YES! Coach Teresa realizes that sometimes, students learn better in a live online learning environment than independently on their own. So, if you need to upgrade your child’s membership to the 1 to 1  Learning Model, please email us at [email protected] to do so. Your initial investment is transferrable to the 1 to 1  Live Learning Model!

If you have additional questions or inquiries, please email us at [email protected]

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