Welcome to the Algebra Success Academy Expressions and Equations
Self-Paced Learning Model!

Working at your child’s own pace, your student will use Coach Teresa’s pre-recorded instructional videos to work through and complete the entire course lessons by filling in the guided notes notebook and working through math questions/problems with Coach Teresa. 

Your student will pause the current video and work through the same type of questions/problems independently referring to and using the notes and practice questions done with Coach Teresa. Once your student finishes the independent work, your child will continue playing the video and Coach Teresa will go through the independent work just like your student and Coach Teresa did in the questions they did together!

The pre-recorded instructional videos are for your student to review at any time while in any math class throughout your student’s academic career as is the guided notes notebook! Coach Teresa uses various interactive learning strategies in order for your student to gain a solid understanding and mastery of simplifying algebraic expressions, solving and checking solutions to algebraic equations in conceptual and real-world application scenarios (word problems)! 

Coach Teresa will make learning fun and engaging while assuring your student is learning the way(s) your student learns best to meet your child’s needs.

In this course, your student will learn and master the fundamental concepts and applications of algebraic expressions and equations. These fundamental concepts and applications are the building blocks for success and mastery of all algebra concepts learned and mastered in Pre-Algebra and Beyond!

Academy Curriculum:

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